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Did you know you, you can get your tax clearance certificate at a simple click of a mouse?

by , 22 September 2016
Gone are the days of having to wait your turn in a SARS branch to get a tax clearance certificate (TCC). SARS has made a HUGE system improvement to that actually helps you.

With the old system, you had to have your certificates printed at a SARS branch. But now, you don't.

Let me show you how to get your tax clearance certificate at the click of a mouse...

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  2. You will pay more in penalties.
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How to get your TCC at the click of a mouse

You can now print your certificates online from eFiling. Or you can simply download them and email them to anyone who needs a copy.
You can print as many of them as you like. Whereas, previously if you made copies of it, they were invalid. Only copies, that SARS printed of your tax clearance certificate were a valid document. Not even certified copies were allowed.

But your TCC is no longer valid for 12 months. Here's why…
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Why your tax clearance certificate is no longer valid for 12 months
Previously your TCC was only valid for 12 months. And you could only get it if your taxes were up to date and you were 100% compliant. It didn't matter that if, a week after you got your certificate, you didn't pay a tax, and were no longer compliant. Your certificate was still valid.
Now, your TCC is only valid for as long as you're tax compliant. The minute you miss a payment or deadline, SARS will mark you as non-compliant and you won't be able to get your TCC.
But, the system now reports on a 'live' basis. SARS will let you know where you've gone wrong, so you can fix it and print a valid TCC again.
In the Practical Tax Loose Leaf, we show you exactly how to activate the new Tax Compliance Status service in nine easy steps. If you don't have a copy yet, click here to get yours now. Knowing exactly when you become non-compliant can save you thousands in wasteful penalties and interest.
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Did you know you, you can get your tax clearance certificate at a simple click of a mouse?
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