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Do this to ensure your SARS audit is painless

by , 07 August 2014
SARS is that big kid in the playground who often pushes others around. It'll literally take your lunch money if you do the wrong thing.

But, if you get on the good side of SARS, you won't need to worry. Yes, it might still check your pockets during an audit but it won't take money it doesn't deserve.

So here's how to stay on SARS' good side and make your SARS audit as painless as possible...

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Are you ready for your SARS tax audit?

Here's how to make your SARS audit painless

To ensure your SARS audit is as painless as possible you should establish a good relationship with SARS. Establish good communication with it and always comply with its requests.
Also, follow the rules. SARS can't prove you're guilty of anything if you haven't done anything wrong. So never try to hide income you should pay tax on or claim deductions you don't qualify for.
The last thing you must do for a painless audit is prepare. Keep all of your company records in tiptop shape and as soon as SARS notifies you of the audit, get those records together and have them ready to send to SARS.
If it sees you're willing to cooperate and help, the audit process will go faster and it won't suspect you're hiding anything from it.

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Do this to ensure your SARS audit is painless
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