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Do you qualify for this R30 000 tax break?

by , 02 September 2014
We know that paying taxes is, well, taxing. And we know how you rely on tax breaks to shrink your tax bill legitimately and get the most of your business transactions.

Did you know there are 31 tax deductions you can use for small and medium business today?

Just one of these tax breaks can save you R30 000.

Let's have a look at a few of them...

Start saving with these 31 practical tax deductions for small and medium businesses right now:

  • Tax Break #1 - Wear and Tear Allowance: You can claim back thousands on air conditioners, computers and photocopiers.
  • Tax break #2 - Claim back some of the costs you incurred to start your business: These costs include advertising, sales related travel expenses and so much more!
  • Tax break #3 – Did you know you can claim back a tax deduction on removal costs! It's true! So if you've moved offices, you can claim the full moving expenses under the small business allowances tax break.
  • Tax break #4 – Don't forget there are three repair and maintenance expenses available to you to minimise your tax bill. You can claim this on any expenses for the repair of macchinery, implements and utensils you use in your trade.
  • Tax break #5 - Spread your lease premium allowance over many years. Doing this one thing can save you thousands!

Just by using these tax break in your company, you could save as much as R30 000 this tax year.

If you want to know more about these five tax breaks and the other 26 available simply click here…

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