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Don't commit these six tax offences! They could land you jail for the next five years

by , 04 September 2014
If you're one of those business owners who assume committing a tax offence is a trivial issue because it'll only get you a meagre fine, you're wrong.

SARS doesn't want non-compliant taxpayers. And it's put in place penalties to act as a threat against noncompliance. One of these penalties is a criminal penalty.

In fact, if you commit any of the following tax offences, you won't get a meagre fine. You'll get five years in jail!

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According to the Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service, these six acts could land you in jail for five years

Tax offence #1: Trying to evade tax or helping someone else evade tax or get a refund that's not due.

Tax offence #2: Making or allowing any false statement or entry in your tax return or any other document you submit to SARS. Or signing a statement, return or other document you've submitted without reasonable grounds for believing them to be true.

Tax offence #3: Giving a false answer, either verbally or in writing when SARS asks you for information.

Tax offence #4: Preparing or keeping false books of account or other records or authorising someone else to falsify these books of account and other records.

Tax offence #5: Acting fraudulently or allowing someone else to be fraudulent.

Tax offence #6: Making any false statement to get a refund or a tax exemption.

As you can see, committing a tax offence is a serious issue. You can't assume you'll pay a fine and life will move on. You could get five years in jail, so NEVER commit any of these six tax offences. As a general rule, be honest with your tax affairs and submit your tax returns on time.

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Don't commit these six tax offences! They could land you jail for the next five years
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