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Don't miss the deadlines for your employees' tax certificates!

by , 05 June 2015
SARS will fine your company for an error or for missing a deadline. The responsibility for making no mistakes is yours. SARS's system will quickly identify errors or any sort of anomalies on your employees' tax certificates.

Moreover, if you miss any deadline, you'll be fined by SARS.

Here's how to ensure you're never penalised by SARS!

Keep in mind that your employees' tax certificates (IRP5's/IT3a's) represent the employee's proof to SARS that she earned certain remuneration, and the required taxes were paid over to SARS.

So you must meet these deadlines!

You must give your employees their tax certificates within the following prescribed time periods:
•  For your regular employees, within 60 days after the end of the tax year.
•  If the employee has left your service, within 14 days of termination of employment.
•  If you've ceased to be an employer (e.g. if you close the business), within seven days of ceasing to be an employer.

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Be careful because your employees can report you to the SARS audit team, if you don't comply with these deadlines.

Moreover, SARS could fine you for not complying or it could launch a full audit!

Stick to the deadlines and requirements or pay a 10% penalty!

You can do this by making it your priority to submit your tax certificates to SARS on time – and also to give your employees their certificates within the prescribed time periods.

Don't miss the deadline! If this happens, you'll get a 10% non-compliance penalty on the total amount of employees' tax deducted for the year.  

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Don't miss the deadlines for your employees' tax certificates!
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