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Five tips to make sure SARS doesn't reject your objection to its assessment

by , 29 December 2014
A lot of taxpayers know the Tax Administration Act (TAA) allows them to object when not happy with an assessment from SARS.

But they don't take full advantage of this benefit.

Yes, they lodge their objections. But SARS quickly rejects them. This is because they don't know how to object correctly.

The good news is help is at hand.

Read on to discover five tips you can use to make sure SARS doesn't reject your objection to its assessment.

Use these five tips to make it hard for SARS to disallow your objection to its assessment

Tip 1: Use the correct form
The Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service says, for Vat, STC and PAYE assessments, you must use the ADR 1 form. For income tax, you must use the NOO form.
You can find these forms on SARS' website.
Tip 2: Put your objection in writing and stick to the facts
Your objection must be in writing. And you must spell out the legal grounds for your objection.
SARS won't entertain you if you don't stick to the facts. It will just think you want to avoid your tax liabilty.

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Tip 3: Tell SARS about the amount you're not happy with
Your objection must clearly state which figure you're disputing. And what you believe the figure should be. This will help SARS make its decision.
Tip 4: Sign your objection

It's a legal requirement that you sign your objection.
If you can't sign it or if your representative is objecting on your behalf and will sign it, you must declare the following on the form:
  • The reason why you can't sign your objection;
  • That the representative has power of attorney to sign on your behalf; and
  • That you're aware of the objection and agree with the reasons for it.
Remember, you must lodge your objection against the assessment within 30 business days from the date of assessment.
If your objection is more than 30 days late, you must explain why to SARS.
The TAA is on your side when it comes to objections. So take full advantage of it. And use these five tips to make sure SARS doesn't reject your objection to its assessment.
PS: There's so much more you still need to know about objecting to a SARS assessment. For example:
  • The four steps to lodge an objection
  • The three things SARS considers when it decides to accept your late objection;
  • How long you have to wait for SARS to respond; and
  • What to do when SARS doesn't allow your objection, etc.
That's why we strongly advise you check out Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service to get more information.

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Five tips to make sure SARS doesn't reject your objection to its assessment
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