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Good news: SARS has made it easier to get your Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)

by , 05 March 2014
Without a Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC), your business simply can't operate (especially if it's a registered Vat vendor). After all, SARS uses a TCC to certify that you've fulfilled all required tax returns and paid all taxes, penalties and interest due as of the date the TCC is issued. But getting the certificate has been such a drag: Hours spent at the local SARS office, piles of documentation in hand... Or a frustrating experience on eFiling. Not anymore...

Introducing SARS' new streamlined tax clearance certificate application process

Yesterday, SARS announced that it has streamlined the eFiling process, making it easier for you to apply for your TCC online. And when it's ready (about 21 working days later), you just pop down to your local SARS office to collect your new certificate.

How is the new TCC application process simpler?

Now, you'll get an instantaneous response from the system, telling you whether your TCC application has been approved, declined or selected for review. And if it has been declined, you'll be told why.

Just be aware that the system will delay the processing of your TCC if:

  • You have outstanding non-compliance payments due to SARS
  • The registered details you provide on your TCC don't match those on SARS' records.

So before you submit a TCC application, make sure you have kept SARS up to date with your tax and business details (e.g. address, telephone number, tax reference numbers etc). And make sure you've settled all debts to SARS ASAP!

Oh, and if you are struggling with SARS, why not book your seat at the up-and –coming Take on SARS and Win Workshop taking place early April.

Attend this workshop and you will get these Four new skills you'll take home with you:

  1. How to get your Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) from SARS quickly;
  2. How to get your Vat refund within 21 days or get SARS to pay you interest on the refund;
  3. How to make a SARS official give you your Vat number the first time around; and
  4. What you can do if SARS doesn't respond to your objection within the prescribed time-period and possibly make it pay your legal costs.

Book your seat now.

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Good news: SARS has made it easier to get your Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)
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