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Here are the nine stages of a SARS audit

by , 06 August 2014
It's impossible to prevent or escape a SARS audit. Its selection process doesn't work on specific criteria, which means you could still be a target even if you comply with every tax law.

Because of this, it's important to have all the information you can about the audit process. This way, you can enforce your rights and keep the SARS auditors from overstepping the boundaries.

To start with, you need to know the nine stages that every audit follows. Here's what they are...

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Every SARS audit follows these nine stages

Stage #1: SARS will inform you it's selected you for an audit and give you the scope and reason for the audit.
Stage #2: It'll perform preliminary planning for the audit and decide what type of audit it's going to do and how long it'll take.
Stage #3: It may ask you for relevant information or supporting documents at this point.
Stage #4: SARS will start the audit based on the proposed timeframe using the information you sent it.
Stage #5: If SARS decides to do a field audit, it'll come to your workplace to do the audit at this point.
Stage #6: It'll finish its audit activities and put together the evidence it collected from its preliminary finding.
Stage #7: It'll let you know what its preliminary findings are and give you a chance to respond. 
Stage #8: SARS will now consider your response and put together its final outcome of the audit. This will include its findings and your response.
Stage #9: SARS will give you the assessment notice to let you know what the final outcome is.
And remember, SARS must keep you informed at every one of these stages, so ensure it does.

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Here are the nine stages of a SARS audit
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