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Here's how SARS e@syFile can cut the time you spend on your tax return in half

by , 15 October 2014
We all know about SARS eFiling. It's an easy online tool that lets you electronically submit all your tax returns to SARS.

This helps you save time by avoid SARS queues and printing hard copies of your documents.

But did you know SARS e@syFile can help you cut the time it takes you do to your company's taxes down even more?

Read on to find out how...


Here's how SARS e@syFile will help you save even more time on your company taxes

SARS e@syFile, unlike eFiling, is a downloadable programme you can use on your computer without the Internet. 
With e@syFile you can:
- Create a database split by PAYE reference numbers;
- Capture manual certificates;
- Import payroll files; 
- Check payroll and employee details;
- Amend or cancel certificates;
- Generate IRP5/IT3(a) PDFs; and
- Much, much more.
It helps you manage all of your tax components in one place. And the best part is, you can sync it with your eFiling account.
Here's how all of this will cut the time you spend on your company's taxes in half.
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Here's why e@syFile is such a great time saving tax tool

The reason e@syFile will help you do your company's taxes in record time is because you can compile all your tax documents onto the programme throughout the year. Then when you want to submit, simply connect to the Internet and sync your e@syFile and eFiling accounts.
You don't have to spend time loading documents to attach to your eFiling submission because it's all already there.
This will help you get your company's taxes, done and dusted in record time. 
For even more tips and tricks to help you manage your company's taxes check out the Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service.

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Here's how SARS e@syFile can cut the time you spend on your tax return in half
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