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Here's how to avoid footing someone else's tax bill

by , 27 August 2014
Over the years, SARS has done some really outrageous things.

It punished business when they didn't break the law. It's wrongfully taken money out of people's accounts. AND it's taken money from one person to pay another person's tax bill.

Now you can't always protect yourself from the outlandish acts of SARS. But you can protect yourself from paying someone else's tax debt.

Here's how...


Here's how to avoid paying for someone else's tax debt

- Be honest and disclose all relevant information on tax returns, financial statements and any records that you're responsible for;
- Don't take monies from your business if you're a shareholder or director if there's outstanding tax debt; and
- Request a tax clearance once a year to ensure all your tax affairs are in order.
The problem is even if you do all this and you play 100% by the rules, SARS may still stick its fingers into your bank account.
Luckily you can follow these three steps to deal with this problem if it happens.
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Avoid 200% tax penalty

Follow these three steps if SARS takes money out of your account without your consent 

If you're liable for someone else's tax bill and SARS deducts money out of your bank account, follow these steps:
Step 1: Get all the supporting documentation together and write a detailed explanation of the facts.
Step 2: Go into a SARS branch and see a SARS official.
Step 3: The SARS official will assist you in completing the relevant form. There are different forms for different situations. 
This process will help you prove you aren't liable for those taxes and SARS took the money from you wrongfully. If SARS doesn't admit its mistake, you can take it to court.

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Here's how to avoid footing someone else's tax bill
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