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Here's how to ensure Jason's logbook is SARS proof

by , 17 September 2014
If you give your employee Jason a travel allowance, he must keep an accurate logbook. Without it, SARS will charge him penalties because it can't verify his travel allowance.

But how can you ensure Jason's logbook passes SARS' inspection?

It's quite simple really. His logbook must just have the right information in it.

So ensure his logbook has all this information in it to ensure it's SARS proof...


Jason's logbook must contain this information to be SARS proof

When SARS looks at Jason's logbook, it wants to see all the details of his travel history to verify his travel expenses. So ensure his logbook contains the: 
Date of travelling;
Opening kilometres;
Closing kilometres;
Total kilometres;
Private kilometres;
Business kilometres;
Business travel details (where, reason for visit, etc.);
Actual fuel cost and oil cost; and
Actual repairs and maintenance cost.
Jason must just be careful when he fills in these details because they aren't always as simple as he thinks - especially how to handle his fuel and oil consumption as well as his private mileage. Let's take a look at what he must do...
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Here's what Jason must do with his fuel and oil consumption as well as his private mileage

Jason's record of his fuel and oil consumed and the odometer reading taken at fuel stops don't constitute an accurate logbook. This is because they don't give SARS any information on what business and private travel he did between fuel stops. So he mustn't rely on this alone.
When he records his private mileage, tell him to concentrate on accurately recording private travel distances, as opposed to his business mileage.
If your employee does this to ensure the information in his logbook is accurate it'll survive SARS' evil eye.

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Here's how to ensure Jason's logbook is SARS proof
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