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How do I lodge an objection with SARS?

by , 05 August 2015
If you disagree with your SARS assessment, you can object to it.

But you need to hurry. You only have 30 business days from the assessment to lodge an objection or request a reason from SARS for the assessment.

But if you object on the wrong grounds, SARS will disallow this completely.

So read on for four easy steps on how to lodge your objection correctly.


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Four reasons why you'd object to your assessment from SARS
1.       SARS made a mistake on your assessment;
2.       SARS overlooked the deductions you're allowed;
3.       It didn't take certificates into account in your assessment; and
4.       If you treat exempt income as taxable income and shouldn't' have.

If you lodge a dispute, your obligation to pay the assessment doesn't go away. Nor does any outstanding money you owe to SARS.

You must still pay what's due as per the assessment. The pay now argue later rule applies. But, as SARS systems are becoming more efficient, you should get a response to your objection within the payment period. Make sure if you haven't heard from SARS, you make the payment regardless.


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Four easy steps to lodge an objection

1. Download the ADR1 form from SARS at www.sars.gov.za.

You'll use this form for PAYE and Vat objections. If you want to lodge an objection for your personal or company tax assessments use the NOO form. You can access this through eFiling and submit it online;

2. Complete and sign the form. Attach supporting documents and a detailed letter of what you're objecting to and why you feel the assessment was incorrect;

3. Make copies; and

4. Take it to a SARS branch and submit it (make sure you get copies stamped if you're using the ADR form to object), or simply scan and submit your documents with the N00 form via eFiling.

SARS can ask for further supporting documents or information to help it finalise your objection. You'll have 45 days to submit these extra supporting documents.

P.S. There's so much more you still need to know about objecting to a SARS assessment. That's why we strongly advise you check out Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service to get more information.

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How do I lodge an objection with SARS?
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