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How to handle a call from SARS collections

by , 07 October 2016
How to handle a call from SARS collectionsHave you had a call out of the blue from SARS collections asking for money?

I'm sure you have, or if you haven't, the call could happen at any time.

Read on to see the best way to handle this call...


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Tell SARS you won't pay for something you don't know about
Make it clear you wish to settle your taxes and be fully compliant with SARS. However, state you can't pay – not even a payment on account – for something you have no knowledge of or disagree with.
Ask them to email a printout of your account (referred to as a 'statement of account'). Where there is an obvious SARS mistake, object using the ADR1 form. Fax or email a copy of your objection to the collections person who called.
If this account printout is of no assistance, write to SARS and ask for written reasons for any outstanding amounts. Again, forward a copy of this letter to the collections person who called. Ask them to stay collections until the matter is resolved.

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The ONE person within SARS that will help you
Their willingness to entertain your request will depend on their internal pressures to collect. Be courteous but firm!
If the call from SARS Collections relates to an ongoing matter that SARS has not yet reverted on, despite your best efforts, ask that your file be transferred to the collections department's in-house assessor. This person is normally very effective and is the one person within SARS that will help you. Plus you'll get much better response times on your queries.
The law may be 'pay now, argue later', but administrative justice must still prevail!

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How to handle a call from SARS collections
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