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If SARS starts bullying you, ensure you take this action

by , 04 August 2014
SARS often uses its power a little too much. A few weeks ago we actually told you about how SARS got stern words from the courts about the way it bullys taxpayers.

It can't do this so you must put your foot down and know your rights when it comes to dealing with SARS.

So if SARS bullys you, take this action at once!

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Here's what to do if SARS tries to bully you

The first thing to remember is SARS has to back up all of its actions with proof! So if SARS starts pushing you around ask it for proof of its claims and demands!
But to ensure you can put SARS back in its place, you must be able to prove yourself too. To do this you must keep every single record you can relating to your company's finances and your tax history.  
If you can prove you've complied with all the tax rules and SARS can't prove you haven't you can take action. 
This is what action you should take.

Take this action again SARS if it bullys your without just cause

If SARS slaps you with penalties or just takes money you don't owe it and it can't prove it has the right to do this you can take it to court.
SARS may have a lot of power but it isn't above the law. The courts can still intervene if SARS acts outside of the tax laws that govern it. 
If the courts find SARS has acted without a legitimate reason they'll instruct SARS to either drop the penalties or refund your money, depending on what action it took.
You have rights when it comes to protecting yourself against SARS' actions. But sure you know those rights and take action again SARS when it acts without a legitimate reason.
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If SARS starts bullying you, ensure you take this action
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