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If you're looking for a new tax consultant for your company, don't! Rather be your own tax consultant

by , 04 August 2014
The point of a tax consultant is to help you through your company taxes, particularly when it comes to saving on deductions and avoiding penalties.

This can be extremely helpful for any business owner. But tax consultants are expensive!

So why spend your money on letting someone else tell you how to manage you company taxes when you can do it yourself. We have all the information you'll need, right here!

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Here's what a tax consultant would do for your business

A tax consultant will:
Help you save money by finding hand tax deductions;
Prepare your tax return;
Help you avoid penalties; and
Help you deal with a SARS audit if that happens.
But why hire a tax consultant when  you can find out about tax deductions, filing your tax return, avoiding penalties and dealing with an audit all right here.
So here's the information you need to be your own tax consultant...

Here's what you need to know to be able to be your own tax consultant

 - Finding tax deductions
There are lots of tax deductions you can claim. Some of them include:
 • Wear and tear allowance;
 • Legal expenses; 
 • Lose of property such as stock because of fire, theft or damage.

- Preparing your tax return
- Avoiding penalties 
The best way to avoid penalties is to ensure you submit your tax returns on time and with all the correct information. Be open and honest about your business finances and SARS will have no reason to punish you, unless you try claim for deductions you don't qualify for.

- Deal with a SARS audit
The most important things to remember about a SARS audit are be honest and know your rights. Don't be afraid to challenge SARS and take it to court if it bullys you.
And for all the specific help and information you'll need to manage your company's tax like a wiz just open the Digital Practical Tax Handbook on your computer and find whatever you need in seconds.

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If you're looking for a new tax consultant for your company, don't! Rather be your own tax consultant
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