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Lodging an objection to SARS? Make sure it contains these five things...

by , 05 September 2013
You already know that you can lodge an objection with SARS if you're unhappy with their assessment. But do you know what to include in your objection? Read on to find out so you can comply with the Tax Administration Act.

The Tax Administration Act is on your side. It lets you object to an assessment SARS has made if don't agree with it.

But before you lodge your objection, make sure it complies with these requirements.

Here's a checklist of the five things your objection must contain

#1: You must use the prescribed ADR 1 form.

#2: Your objection must be in writing and must specify the legal grounds of your objection.

#3: Your objection should clearly state which figure you're disputing and what you believe the figure should be.

#4: If your objection is more than 30 days late, you must state the exceptional circumstances that resulted in your objection being filed late.

#5: Your objection must be signed. If you're unable to sign the objection or appeal and another person will be signing on your behalf, the following must be declared on the dispute form:

  • The reason why you can't sign the dispute (objection or appeal);
  • That the representative has the necessary power of attorney to sign on your behalf; and
  • That you're aware of the dispute and agree with the grounds thereof.

When you've submitted your objection, SARS must notify you within 60 days after receipt of the objection if the objection is valid. If it finds its invalid, you have 10 days after receiving that notice to amend the objection, says the Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service.

SARS will then consider all relevant factors and decide on your application, fairly on its own merits.

Well there you have it. Your objection will only be valid it complies with the above mentioned.

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Lodging an objection to SARS? Make sure it contains these five things...
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