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Object to your SARS assessment and win!

by , 24 August 2015
Has SARS assessed you and you don't agree with it? Lodge an objection!

Don't waste any more time. You only have 30 business days from the date of your assessment to lodge an objection.

But make 100% sure SARS' assessment of you is wrong and you know exactly why it's wrong before you object.

If not, you'll object on the wrong grounds and SARS could completely disallow your objection. Meaning you'll lose getting all your money back from SARS or you'll have to pay SARS.

So read on as I let you in on everything you need to know to lodge an objection and win!

**************Just released**************

Has SARS raised an assessment on your taxes?

Don't just sit back and let SARS have its way.

You have a lifeline.

Here are four steps you can use to lodge your objection


The following four reasons SARS gives you will help you decide the basis of your objection

1.       SARS made a mistake on your objection;
2.       SARS overlooked the deductions you're allowed;
3.       It didn't take certificates into account in you assessment; and
4.       If you treat exempt income as taxable income and shouldn't have.

Now let's look at your objection needs to have in it.

Five things you need to make sure your objection contains:

  1. You use the prescribed form. For Vat, STC, PAYE assessments, you must us the ADR1 form. For income tax, you must use the NOO form;
  2. It must be in writing and must specify the legal grounds of your objection;
  3. Clearly state which figure you're disputing and what you believe the figure should be; and
  4. You must sign it. If you're unable to sign the objection and another person is signing on your behalf, then you must declare the following:
  • The reason why you can't sign the objection
  • That your representative has the necessary power of attorney; and
  • You're aware of the dispute and agree with the grounds thereof.

**************Just for you**************

How to object to SARS' assessment in four easy steps

I'm often surprised at the number of taxpayers who don't want to fight a SARS assessment. They just let SARS have its way. Typically because they're intimidated by SARS. Or worse, they didn't know they could dispute an assessment.

If you don't agree with SARS' ruling, you can use the dispute resolution process in four easy steps.

Click here to find out how


Make sure your objection meets the following requirements:

  • Did you lodge your objection with SARS within 30 days?
  • Did you attach the necessary supporting documents with your objection?
  • If you didn't meet this deadline SARS might still allow your objection. Have you proven you had a good reason for missing the deadline?
  • To justify an extension on your objection, you need to provide a good reason why your objection is late. And prove that you have a strong case with your objection.
  • Apply for extension for late filing of your objection before the initial 30-day period expires. Where you apply for an extension beyond the 30 days, you must clearly demonstrate that your extension request is the result of exceptional circumstances.

You can turn to chapter D04 in your Practical Tax Loose Leaf for the full dispute resolution process.

Click here for a sample letter you can use to object to your assessment.

P.S. Click here for the one tool you need to make sure your objection is valid.

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Object to your SARS assessment and win!
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