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One tip you should never forget when it comes to preparing for a SARS audit

by , 20 August 2014
SARS could decide to audit you at any time. It could be today, next week or five years from now. But chances are it will happen.

That means you need to start thinking about how you'll survive that audit while you have the time.

But how do you survive a SARS audit when they go through everything with such a finetooth comb? The truth if it's simpler than you think.

You can survive that SARS audit just by using this one tip...


Here's the tip that'll help you survive a SARS audit

The SARS auditors go through every book and record to ensure you didn't hide something or make a mistake. So the best way to avoid them finding any is to prepare your books carefully and ensure there aren't any mistakes.
Preparing for a SARS audit is the best way to ensure you survive it. But it's no good only starting your preparation once you know it's auditing you. 
You must prepare your books and financial records today and every day. 
But it may not be enough to just go through them and ensure all the amounts you think should be there are. 
You need to go through your company's finances in a specific way.
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Be invisible to SARS
Six reasons SARS will audit you...

You must go through your company's finances like a SARS auditor

To beat a SARS auditor, you must think like one. That means going through every record the way an auditor will and looking for the errors he'll look for. 
To help you do this, check out the How to survive a SARS tax audit guide. It'll take you through all the steps a SARS auditor will take when assessing your tax compliance.
If you follow these same steps, you can ensure your company's finances are audit-proof.

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One tip you should never forget when it comes to preparing for a SARS audit
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