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Over 350 000 businesses delay their Vat payments every month. Here's how you can too!

by , 24 July 2015
eFiling is a simple, free and secure way to submit documents and make payments to SARS.

When you use eFiling there are fewer errors and quicker processing time for your business. And you can submit returns, view your tax status and make payments to SARS electronically 24 hours a day!

Plus, you also get until the last business day of each month to pay your Vat over. Rather than the 25th of the month like manual filers!

So isn't it time you join more than 350 000 businesses who enjoy the benefits that eFiling offers?
Read on how you can register for eFiling in six easy steps


Save your business from penalties by being an instant VAT201 expert!

Can you really afford not to be 100% sure about your Vat return? Just one of the tips you'll find in the VAT201 E-report: The comprehensive guide to completing your Vat return correctly and the bonuses could save you from a painful Vat audit and thousands of Rands in penalties.

By the time you're done, your Vat consultant will be asking you for advice! Click here for more


The six easy steps to register for eFiling:

To make use of the SARS eFiling facility, you need to register online as a user.

Log on to the SARS site, click 'register' and then complete the following steps:

Step #1: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions relating to the use of the site.

Step #2: Select your own user ID and password. For security purposes, SARS will automatically add four additional characters to the user ID. For example, if you select 'JoeS' as your user ID, the system will generate your user ID as 'JoeS9731' (the numbers are chosen randomly).

Step #3: Enter the information relating to the person who'll be accessing the site. This is a security measure.

How to get your Vat documentation right – first time, every time

Did you know...that in the vast majority of cases SARS has issues NOT with your interpretation of the Act, or with fancy avoidance schemes, or even with complicated transactions, but with your documentation. This is where the most disputes, investigations and all-out battles with the assessors arise – and the crazy thing is, it's all so avoidable.

You must get your documentation right, first time, every time – click here and we'll show you how with practical tips and explanations, checklists and actual examples of invoices and returns.

Step #4: Enter details about your organisation.

Step #5: You can enter details for the specific returns you are required to submit. So, you'll need the relevant reference numbers to complete this step.

Step #6: Your registration on the system is now complete. You have to fax a copy of your South African ID and the SARS eFiling summary form to 0866 48 28 58 or your user ID and password won't be activated

P.S. Think Vat doesn't apply to your payroll? You're wrong! Click here to avoid this common error and keep SARS away from your door at audit time.

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Over 350 000 businesses delay their Vat payments every month. Here's how you can too!
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