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Reap the tax incentives by setting up your business in a special economic zone!

by , 01 March 2013
The business sector was pleasantly surprised when Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan's Budget Speech came with no nasty tax surprises. In fact, a few of the announcements are promising, as they offer tax incentives to businesses that put a bit of thinking into their business strategy. Here's how you'll benefit from special tax breaks just from setting up your business in a special economic zone or industrial development zone...

There's growing confidence in business outlook despite difficult conditions, says Fin24.
That's because this week's Budget Speech acknowledged that growing the economy means expanding business activity.
'We recognise the key role that private companies play in our economy… as government, we wish to encourage businesses to keep investing in our economy, and seize the opportunities around us,' said Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. 
One way businesses will benefit is from simplified tax requirements for small business.
But the topic that's received the most interest is the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) programme.
Here's how your business will benefit from the Special Economic Zone programme!
Announced last year, the Special Economic Zone programme has received funding to build world class industrial parks. 
Now, Gordhan says discussions are being held with Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies on specific tax incentives to enhance this initiative, the Business Day's BDLive website reports.
So your business will get further tax breaks just by being based in one of the Special Economic Zone!
SEZs will stimulate industrialisation outside of the country's main urban areas of Cape Town, Gauteng, Durban-Pietermaritzburg, East London and Port Elizabeth, says SouthAfrica.Info.
If you can't wait for the Special Economic Zone programme to be finalised, you can get special tax incentives for basing your business in an industrial development zone!
The SEZ project is seen as a way to improve on the concept of industrial development zones (IDZs), explains the Trade Law Centre.  
An IDZ is a purpose-built industrial estate linked to an international airport or seaport that's tailored for the manufacturing and storage of goods.
So it's a great area to base your business if you're involved in imports and exports. Added to this, investors in the zone have certain rights, in addition to tax incentives such as customs duty and Vat relief.
The IDZ programme led to the establishment of five zones – Mafikeng, OR Tambo International Airport, Richards Bay, East London and Coega.
So if you're looking at expanding your business or moving to new premises, look at SEZ and IDZ areas to benefit from special tax incentives.

To find out more about Industrial development zones and the tax and Vat breaks associated with it get your hands on the Practical Vat Loose Leaf. In the Practical Vat Loose Leaf we've got a dedicated chapter on Industrial development zones. In it you'll discover:
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Reap the tax incentives by setting up your business in a special economic zone!
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