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Revealed: Your most important employer tax obligation! Forget this and SARS WILL penalise you

by , 04 November 2014
According to tax law, employers have certain obligations they can't neglect. These obligations refer to your employees' taxes.

If you neglect these obligations, SARS can charge you 200% penalties for contravening tax laws.

But one of these duties is by far the most important.

Read on to find out what it is so you don't break the law and land up with hefty SARS penalties...


This is the one employer tax obligation you CAN'T forget about

Your most important tax obligation, as an employer, is to work out, withhold and pay over the correct amount of your employees' Pay As Your Earn (PAYE).
PAYE is based on the salary amount you pay your employees each month.
If you don't pay your employees' taxes over to SARS each month, it will show on their payslips. When they see this, they can report you to SARS for breaking the law. 
There are serious penalties for this because if you withhold, but don't pay, your employees' tax, you're stealing from your employees and SARS. 
Here's what you must do to correctly work out and pay over your employees' taxes every time.
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Do you want to save the trouble of writing and developing you own tax forms, templates and checklists? 
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Do this so you never get your employees' PAYE wrong

Use eFiling and e@syFile to help you manage your employees' PAYE. These two systems, when you use them together, will help you correctly work out your employees' PAYE.
The eFiling makes it simple to pay over the right amount to SARS. 
Remember, you must do this every month before you pay your employees their salaries.
Check out the Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service for more about your tax obligations as an employer so you never end up on the wrong side of SARS and the law. 

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Revealed: Your most important employer tax obligation! Forget this and SARS WILL penalise you
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