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SARS says over 2 million income tax returns have been filed so far - Have you filed yours?

by , 15 August 2013
The 2013 tax season seems to be going well. SARS says it's seen an increase of 11% in the number of income tax returns filed during the first 45 days of the 2013 tax filing season. The taxman says more than 2-million returns were filed compared with 1.8 million submitted during the same time in 2012. Don't get left out, make sure you file your tax return to avoid penalties...

SARS has attributed the increase in the number of tax returns that have been filed to strict non-compliance penalties its put in place.

The punitive penalty regime introduced a few years ago is the main driver behind the growing number of tax returns being filed on time and outstanding returns being filed sooner rather than later, said SARS in a BDlive report.

According to FSPBusiness, you could face a jail term of two years or face a fine if you do the following:

  • Submit a tax return or any other document to SARS under a forged signature.
  • Use someone else's electronic or digital signature in any electronic communication to SARS.
  • Submit a communication to SARS on behalf of someone else, without their permission.
  • Try to evade tax or help someone to evade tax or get a refund that's not due.
  • Make or allow any false statement or entry in your tax return or any other document you submit to SARS.
  • Receive a request for information from SARS and you give a false answer, either verbally or in writing.

If you haven't filed your 2013 tax return, you'll also be glad to know 'SARS has paid more than R6bn in refunds to more than 1-million taxpayers, which is an increase on the number and value of refunds paid in 2012,' BDlive reports.

While the levels of compliance are laudable, SARS will come after you if you fail to submit your return. So make sure you submit yours to avoid penalties.

The deadline for you to submit your returns electronically is 22 November 2013 and if you want to submit your return by mail or at any dedicated SARS drop box your deadline is September 2013.

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SARS says over 2 million income tax returns have been filed so far - Have you filed yours?
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