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Simplify the tax process by submitting your tax certificate this way

by , 27 October 2014
Every year, you must give your employees tax certificates. This can be complicated because there are two different types of tax certificates (IRP5 and IT3(a)) and you have different deadlines depending on whether or not your employees are still working for you.

But there's an easier way to manage this complicated process.

If you submit your tax certificates in this one particular way, you can simplify the whole process to only takes a few minutes...


Submit your tax certificates like this and it will only take a few minutes

You can submit your employee tax certificate through SARS' e@syFile software. Using e@syFile, you can create all the certificates you need and then when they're ready, you can load them to your eFiling account and submit them.
You can also test your submissions from your office. If your certificates pass the E@syFile validation, then SARS will definitely accepted the files.
If you use payroll software, it will perform the validation for you when you export the information to E@syFile.
As you can see, submitting your tax certificates electronically will help you get them done easily.
But if you don't use e@syFile and eFiling, you can submit them another way.
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Here's the other easy way to submit your tax certificates 

Submit your employee tax certificates on an electronic medium such as a disc, if you don't submit them via eFiling. Don't try submitting printed certificates and payroll records because SARS will reject them.
SARS is enforcing this because electronic formats are less prone to errors when summarising the income and tax details from your payroll records.
Most commercially available software is already compliant with SARS' format requirements.
Remember, it's your responsibility to keep electronic records for at least five years.
Ensure you submit your tax returns correctly using these easy submission methods. 

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Simplify the tax process by submitting your tax certificate this way
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