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There's a new SARS Commissioner in town - here's what this means for you

by , 26 September 2014
President Jacob Zuma has appointed Tom Moyane as the new Commissioner for SARS.

SARS has been without a Commissioner since last year. In 2013, Oupa Magashula quit his job as SARS commissioner following an investigation that found he was involved in a job for pals scandal.

Keep reading to find out what key role players have had to say about the new Commissioner and, more importantly, what this appointment means for your business.

SARS finally has a new Commissioner!

While key role players were expecting someone from inside SARS to be the new Commissioner, they have welcomed Moyane's appointment.

The chief executive officer of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (Sait), Stiaan Klue, told Money Web that Moyane's appointment is a positive development.

'The tax industry needs someone from the outside – a new broom that sweeps clean,' said Klue.
He added, 'Moyane's experience as National Commissioner of Correctional Services will stand him in good stead.'

It also seems like role players aren't bothered by the fact that Moyane doesn't have experience in the tax industry.

In the Money Web report, Dr Beric Croome, a tax executive at ENSafrica, says when former SARS Commissioner Pravin Gordhan was appointed he didn't have a tax background either, but he excelled in the role.

'What is critical is that the Commissioner has the staff underneath him who are the specialists on fiscal legislation,' says Dr Croome.

So what does this appointment mean for you as a taxpayer?

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Here's why the appointment of a new SARS Commissioner is significant

This appointment is significant because it means SARS will continue to be a force to be reckoned with.

The new Commissioner will want to stamp his authority and stabilise the organisation and we're certain he won't tolerate non-compliance. He'll be watching you closely.

So we urge you to be honest with your tax affairs and meet all your deadlines to avoid the wrath of an empowered SARS.

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There's a new SARS Commissioner in town - here's what this means for you
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