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These three tools will help you do your company taxes quickly and efficiently

by , 07 October 2014
You have to pay your company's taxes. If you don't, SARS will audit you and charge you penalties. These can go up to 200% of your original infringement.

A fine like that can suck the life out of your business and its finances.

By you can avoid this by simply using these three tools. They'll help you manage your taxes and send them in just the way SARS wants you to.

Read on to find out what they are...


Get your company's taxes right by using these three tools

1. Efiling
Efiling is the best tool to help you do your company's taxes quickly and effectively. It enables you to send the information in quickly and, if you run into trouble, you can easily contact SARS for help.
This also helps you avoid standing at a SARS branch in long queues. 
This handy tool gives you all the information you need to do your taxes correctly straight from SA's best tax practitioners. But, not just that, it shows you how to reduce your taxes legally through deductions and allowances.
It's like having access to a tax expert anytime of day. Use it to help you complete and manage your company's taxes correctly.
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3. E@syfile Employer 
Another SARS tool that will help you get your taxes done without any problems. 
It will help you:
Complete, submit and revise (if necessary) your Monthly Employer Declaration (EMP201)
Complete and submit the reconciliation submission
- Note: You can import tax certificates and capture the Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) offline. Then simply go online when you're ready to submit to SARS.
Manage your Employer Account
Manage Third Party Appointments (AA88s)
Register employees using the Income Tax Registration (ITREG) function.
Make use of these three tools so you can get your company's taxes right every single time. 
Get everything you need to know about more about dealing with your company's taxes correctly in the Digital Practical Tax Handbook.

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These three tools will help you do your company taxes quickly and efficiently
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