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Three tips you can use to build a good working relationship with your tax practitioner

by , 25 June 2014
It's important that you have a good working relationship with your tax practitioner.

This person is key in ensuring your company's tax affairs are in order, so it makes perfect sense that you have a good relationship with him.

In fact, Robert Gambardella, the co-author of the book Secrets of a Tax Free Life says you need to 'find someone who is more than just your tax preparer. You really need a year-round trusted adviser'.

So how do you build a strong relationship with your tax practitioner? Use these three tips.

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Use these three tips to cultivate a strong working relationship with your tax practitioner

#1: Be sure your tax practitioner is right for your business and that he's registered

Building a good working relationship starts when you select the tax practitioner.

You wouldn't choose a life or business partner without vetting them first, so don't go with the first practitioner you meet or the one who quotes you the lowest fee, says Adam Shay, an accounting and tax expert.

He says you must consider someone who uses value-based or fixed-price approaches.

Don't forget to ensure your tax practitioner is registered with the relevant body. This is a legal requirement in terms of the Tax Administration Act.

#2: Keep in touch throughout the year

You should check in regularly with your practitioner even if you rely on his services most actively during the tax season, says Intuit.com.

'A tax practitioner working with a small business hands-on throughout the year can sometimes be the difference between success or failure,' adds the site.

You can't afford to overlook the next tip.

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One more tip to help you build a good working relationship with your tax practitioner

#3: Provide constructive feedback

Tax and accounting expert, Alfred Adovasio, says as with any of your business affairs, you should communicate proactively with your tax practitioner.

'We like clients who care about their financial situation and bring items, large or small, to our attention when they occur — not after the fact.'

Ultimately, the more clearly and regularly you communicate with your tax practitioner, the better working relationship you'll have with them, concludes Intuit.com. This means you can rest assured knowing your tax affairs are in a safe pair of hands.

We also recommend you check out this article especially if you've hired a new tax practitioner. It contains the information you must give your practitioner so he can provide your company with a comprehensive service.

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Three tips you can use to build a good working relationship with your tax practitioner
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