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Three ways you can use SARS' e@syFile to speed up your tax return

by , 16 October 2014
Completing your company's tax return can take ages, especially if you're unorganised. That's why most business owners dread tax season.

It doesn't have to be such a time drain though.

Thanks to SARS and its e@syFile programme, you can complete your company's tax return quickly and without any hassles.

This relatively new programme from SARS will make your life as a corporate taxpayer much easier.

Here's how...


Discover three ways the e@syFile programme will make it easier to complete your corporate tax return

1. e@syFile lets you load all relevant tax documents, such as information from your payroll system, into the programme.
This means these documents are ready and waiting for you when you want to submit your company's tax return. Because you no longer need to manually scan and load all these documents you'll save time. 
2. It enables you to create IRP5s and other tax documents. This not only makes it easier to create these documents, it also means these documents are already on the system for you to submit.
That's another great time saver because you don't have to do this process manually.
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3. Finally, e@syFile lets you manage all of your tax documents in one place throughout the year and then, when you're ready to, you can sync it with your eFiling account.
All your tax documents will automatically load onto your eFiling account and they'll be ready for you to hit the submit button on your tax return.
e@syFile saves you time because it helps you organise, create, manage and load your tax records and documents all from one central point.
If that doesn't speed up your company tax return process then I don't know what else will? Check out the Practical Tax Loose Leaf Service for hundreds of other tax management tips and tricks. 

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Three ways you can use SARS' e@syFile to speed up your tax return
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