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To ensure your IT14SD is correct, check these two things first

by , 23 October 2014
If SARS isn't sure about the information in your original IT14 submission, it will ask you to complete a Supplementary Declaration (IT14SD form).

It uses this form to determine if you made a mistake on your original IT14 or are trying to crook the system.

But before you start filling this form in, you need to check a few things first.

Read on to discover what the two things you must check before you get started are...


Here's the first thing you need to check on your IT14SD

When you pull the IT14SD form in eFiling, it will pre-populate with the following information:
• Your income tax reference number;
• The year of assessment;
• A case number; and
• A unique barcode to ensure you only complete and return the original form to SARS.
Check all of the pre-populated information to make sure your company's details are correct. After all, if the information is out-dated or wrong, it will make it difficult for SARS to correctly assess you. Correct any information that's missing or out-of-date so SARS can assess your business quickly.
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Before you fill in your IT14SD make sure you also check this

Depending on your business, you'll fill out sections A to E of the IT14SD form. So before you start filling this check which of these sessions actually apply to your company. 
Complete the fields that apply to your business in the appropriate reconciliation schedules. 
If a particular field doesn't apply to your company or CC, complete it by entering the number zero. For example, if you haven't registered your company or CC for Vat, enter '0' in those particular fields.
Check these two things to ensure your IT14SD is correct.
For more tips on completing your IT14SD, check out How to Complete Your IT14SD Form. It contains everything you need to know to complete yours properly. 

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To ensure your IT14SD is correct, check these two things first
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