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Want SARS on your company's side? Do this to ensure it always is

by , 06 October 2014
Having SARS on your company's side can be very beneficial. Like any working relationship, a good one is essential should you when you need to apply for help from SARS.

Now I don't mean SARS will give you special treatment, but SARS will know you and your business better because of your good reputation.

But how do you get SARS on your company's side?

It's simple really...


Do this to get SARS on your company's side

It's easy to get SARS on your side: Always be honest with it. 
This means you must never falsify anything on your tax return, try claim deductions you don't qualify for and never hide anything from SARS.
You also need to speak to SARS when you're in trouble. If you can go to SARS and ask sincerely for a bit of leeway, it will often help you. 
But you must also do this one last thing to always keep SARS on your side.
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Here's how you can keep SARS on your side

SARS likes businesses that are open with their financial records and who substantiate everything in their tax return. 
To become one of these businesses, you must keep all your supporting documents and give them to SARS when you submit your tax return. This proves you have nothing to hide and your taxes are all in order.
Doing this will get SARS on your side and keep it there because it will trust your business' integrity.
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Want SARS on your company's side? Do this to ensure it always is
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