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3 red flags to look out for when invoicing correctly

by , 04 December 2015
The South African Revenue Service (SARS) provides what are known as Binding General Rule (BGR's).

They help you, as a VAT vendor, know exactly how SARS wants things done.

These BGR's include details on how to deal with tax invoices, otherwise known BGR21.

Now if you don't deal with your tax invoices in the correct way, SARS will deny your tax deduction, so pay attention!

Here are 3 red flags to look out for in order to invoice correctly for BGR21:

Red Flag#1:

The rules issued for BGR21 fall under the terms of Sections 20(4), (5), (5A), 21(3) and (8) of the VAT Act.

And so if you don't issue tax invoices, credit or debit notes correctly, then you aren't complying with legislation and therefore could be penalised for it.

Read on to see the other 2 red flags…

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Article continued…

Red Flag#2:

The Binding General Rules gives VAT vendors two options for how exactly the addresses must be displayed on tax invoices, credit and debit notes.

So take note of them.

Red Flag#3:

Make sure that you show the physical as well as the postal address of the supplier and the recipient or both.

If you don't do this, then you'll be issuing invalid documents with the recipient receiving them and not being able to claim input tax or do debit or credit deductions (with regard to the debit and credit notes), which will lead to her banging on your door with a mouthful to say to you.
*So, those were 3 red flags to watch out for in order to invoice correctly for BGR21.

Remember that SARS deliberately keeps a very close eye on the 3 above-mentioned red flags, so pay careful attention when invoicing correctly for BGR21.

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3 red flags to look out for when invoicing correctly
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