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3 steps to comply with the new VAT refund procedure for inland border posts

by , 13 November 2015
SARS appointed a VAT Refund Administrator (Pty) ltd, also known as the VRA, on a tender basis to administer the VAT refund mechanism at the border posts.

And a new VAT refund procedure for inland border posts is now in place.

So, under the VRA, here are 3 new procedures you must comply with when movable goods are moved through inland border posts...

Step#1: Declare your goods at the RSA Customs first

The goods from which you wish to claim a VAT refund must be declared to the RSA Customs in line with the Customs legislation as well as all relevant procedures.

Step#2: Also declare the goods at the export country's Customs

The movable goods must also be declared to the Customs authority of the export country, in line with their very own customs and excise formalities.
Step#3: Apply for your VAT refund

Only AFTER you have declared all your goods to both Customs Authorities, and have exported them, can you, as a qualifying purchaser, apply for a VAT refund.

The documents which you'll be required to attach to your application include:

·        The original tax invoice/s for which the VAT refund is claimed;
·        Proof that the goods were declared to the RSA Customs authority, as well as to the Customs authorities of the export country.
·        A copy of the qualifying purchaser's passport which shows entry and exit from South Africa; and
·        An address to which the VAT refund payment should be made, should the application be approved.
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3 steps to comply with the new VAT refund procedure for inland border posts
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