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Applying for new Tax Clearance Certificate? Here are your two options

by , 08 November 2013
As you know, you must get a new Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) every time you apply for a tender or contract. But how do you apply for this certificate? Here are two ways...

According to the Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service SARS uses a TCC to certify, after checking its records that you've fulfilled all required tax returns and paid all taxes, penalties and interest due as of the date the TCC is issued.

How do you get a tax clearance certificate?

You need to apply for a tax clearance certificate via e-filing or at your local SARS branch.

Let's take a closer look at these two methods.

Two ways to apply for a tax clearance certificate

#1: On-line, via e-filing

  • Log onto your e-filing with your passwords
  • Click on 'Services' tab
  • Click on 'Tax Clearance Certificate' tab
  • Select 'Application' from dropdown list
  • Page 1 of the TCC 001 application is displayed
  • Select applicable particulars of applicant 'Application for' radio button
  1. Individual;
  2. Company
  3. Trust; or
  4. Foreigner.
  • Select 'Type of TCC' radio button
  1. Tenders; or
  2. Good Standing.

Please note that you need to complete a separate application form for every type of TCC needed.

#2: Application via the branch office (walk in)

This is probably the one area where you have the most headaches.


Because not all SARS offices operate consistently andwhat applies in one SARS office, often doesn't apply in another.

The right person must go in to SARS to get a tax certificate. It's not enough to send your company driver for instance.

If you decide to send your financial manager for instance, make sure he has the following documents:

  • A letter, signed by you (the owner of the company), or the CEO authorising him to act on behalf of your company.
  • A certified copy of your ID (the business owner's or the CEO's ID)
  • A certified copy of that person's (i.e. the one going to SARS) ID
  • An original utilities bill (the water and lights account.)
  • The application form must at least show your businesses':
  1. Tax Clearance Certificate reference number
  2. Name, tax number, address, ID number or company registration number
  3. The date of application
  4. A statement that there are no outstanding tax debts
  5. The expiry date of the certificate.

Remember, SARS requires 21 business days to process an application for a Tax Clearance Certificate.

Now that you now the two ways you can use to apply for a TCC, be sure to use these ways to get your tax clearance certificate without any hassles.

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Applying for new Tax Clearance Certificate? Here are your two options
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