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Are you a VAT fundi? Put your VAT knowledge to the test

by , 27 October 2015
So you've been a VAT vendor for a while, calculating your VAT liability, submitting your returns and dealing with SARS VAT queries and audits.

But how sure are you your VAT knowledge is 100% correct? Can you be absolutely certain, you've met all your VAT obligations?

Take the VAT knowledge test here
You've most probably been responsible for your VAT compliance for a long time. You may have attended VAT training courses. But with all the changes to the law, the changes at SARS, and probably having to work with more than one tax type, what can you really remember from your VAT training? Have you been applying all the changes correctly?
Take the pop quiz and see if you need a refresher…
Step #1: Download the test here.
Step #2: Email the test to seminars@fsp.co.za where Dee Bezuidenhout will mark it.
Step#3: We'll email you with your score.
Step#4: Book your seat at the Advanced VAT Masterclass in Johannesburg on 24 November 2015 and make sure you become a VAT fundi!
The Advanced VAT Masterclass is a half-day training programme covering VAT from a practical and technical perspective! This advanced VAT Masterclass prepares anyone who deals with VAT to tackle advanced VAT matters.
What you'll gain by attending the FSP Advanced VAT Masterclass
If you're so tired of battling with SARS, the Advanced VAT Masterclass will give you the knowledge you need to take SARS on. You'll walk away knowing:
  • What SARS should be doing when it comes to a VAT audit;
  • Your duties, rights and obligations as a VAT vendor according to VAT law; and
  • When SARS doesn't follow the law, what power you have to force them to do their work!
Plus get 4 CPD points for 2015!
The Advanced VAT Masterclass covers the difficult aspects of VAT. With a seasoned VAT expert, you'll learn how to avoid the SARS VAT traps every VAT vendor dreads, and how to take on SARS and win!
Here's what the course will cover:

  • The Tax Clearance Certificate - When can SARS REALLY deny one and what you can do if SARS unjustly withholds your TCC!
  • VAT on recovery of costs - Putting to bed the issue of VAT when it comes to on-charging or recovery of costs.
  • VAT and fringe benefits - Do you allow your staff to take their computers home? You have to calculate output tax on it!
  • Agent/principal relationships - when you're allowed to claim the VAT even though the invoice is in someone else's name. Plus find out how to smash SARS' internal rules!
  • Input tax allowed for the period you were trading but not yet VAT registered - The qualifying purchases when you can claim the input tax and make some savings for your business.
  • Tax invoices, tax invoices, tax invoices - So you think you're familiar with what should be on a tax invoice - check these little hitches that could deny you your input claim
  • Your questions on VAT law interpretation - There have been numerous changes to the VAT Act recently, do you understand how to implement them? Come with your questions as Dee will answer them!
Book your seat today and save R500 on the Early Bird booking and pay only R1 999 (excluding VAT). Early bird expires 11 November 2015. Bookings close 18 November 2015.

P.S. Got 5 or more delegates? Email seminars@fsp.co.za for a group discount.

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Are you a VAT fundi? Put your VAT knowledge to the test
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