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Don't be in the wrong! Here are 5 instances where you are criminally liable for VAT evasion

by , 23 December 2015
SARS is still doing what they does best, and might I add that they're doing it VERY well! They are catching out any tax evasion and fraud very well.

This is emphasised in the fact that, not too long ago, a former official of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) was arrested, in her place of work and made to appear in Court on charges of VAT fraud amounting to more than R5 million.

VAT evasion or fraud, or even helping someone else evade vat, is considered a serious criminal offence in the eyes of the South African Revenue Service. And being found guilty of such a serious offence could see you serving up to 5 years in prison!

So take note of these 5 instances that make you liable for VAT evasion and ensure you don't fall into them:


Make, cause or allow anyone to make a false statement or entry in a return or other document.


Give a false answer, whether in writing or orally, to a request for information under the Tax Administration Act.

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Prepare and maintain false books of account or any other records. This includes authorising someone else to do so.


Use or tell someone else to use fraud, a plan or a set-up.


Make a false statement so as to get a refund or exemption from tax.
So, there were 5 instances that can make you criminally liable for VAT evasion.

At the end of the day, don't be foolish, or even ignorant, and test your luck with SARS. Otherwise you could very well get caught and face serious criminal charges before serving jail time.

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Don't be in the wrong! Here are 5 instances where you are criminally liable for VAT evasion
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