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Don't take up to six months to register for Vat! Here's how to do it the same day

by , 11 June 2014
One of the biggest problems with Vat registrations is not having the right supporting documents and not complying with SARS requirements. The registration process can take up to six months for some companies.
Well it doesn't have to be a problem for you.

I have a solution to ensure you walk into a SARS office 100% prepared for your Vat registration.

Here's how you can register for Vat and get it the same day. So you can claim back your Vat immediately......

How to get your Vat number the same day.

Keep this checklist in front of all your documents when applying for Vat registration.
  1. VAT101 form: For practical step-by-step instructions on how to complete your registration form .Turn to chapter R13: The A-Z of the Vat registration in your practical Vat loose-leaf. If you don't have a copy click here to get yours today.
  2. Copy of ID documents.
  • Individuals/sole traders: A copy of the person's ID document.
  • Partnerships: Copies of the ID documents of the two most senior partners.
  • Close corporations (CC's), companies and trusts: Copy of the ID documents of the two most senior members/directors/shareholders or trustees.

Keep reading for the final four documents you need to take with you...


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Four more documents to take with you
  1. Copies of stamped bank statements for the last three months.
  2. Copy of utilities account or lease for business premises.
  3. Copy of municipal account of the representative vendor
  4. Copy of certificate of incorporation;Close Corporation, Company or Trust Fund
Make sure you use this checklist to get your Vat registration doc's in order and walk out of a SARS office with your Vat number in hand.

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Don't take up to six months to register for Vat! Here's how to do it the same day
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