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Here are the six steps to a seamless Vat registration process

by , 22 May 2014
Vat registration has been around for years. Despite this, many Vat vendors still get it wrong. And they experience delays and incur harsh penalties as a result.

The good news is our experts want to help you avoid all the Vat registration pitfalls. They did all the research and have made everything simple for you.

Today, we reveal all the information and tips you need. Including the requirements you have to meet to register for Vat, turnover thresholds for Vat registration, important answers about Vat registration, when SARS will refuse to register you for Vat and so much more. Because let's face it, there's more to Vat registration than submitting the Vat 101 Form. And you have to get it right the first time around to avoid the wrath of SARS.

Revealed: Six vital Vat registration steps you need to know

#1: Here are the three requirements you must fulfil when registering for Vat

#2: Everything you need to know about submitting the Vat 101 Form

#3: Discover everything foreign businesses need to know about Vat registration

#4: Here are the five instances SARS will refuse your Vat registration

#5: How to avoid becomes one of the90% of all Vat Registrations, SARS rejects each year

#6: As well as vital answers in case you're still confused about Vat registration

There you have it. These six steps will make your Vat registration seamless. You'll avoid SARS penalties and you won't experience any delays in your business operations because you'll certainly get your Vat number sooner and start trading. This means you'll now enjoy all the gains of being in the Vat system.

If you have more questions about Vat registration, feel free to ask our experts at www.accountingandtaxclub.co.za.


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Here are the six steps to a seamless Vat registration process
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