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How long do I have to wait for a Vat Number?

by , 08 August 2014
SARS says it's compulsory for a business to register for Vat if the income earned in any consecutive twelve month period exceeds or is likely to exceed R1 million. A business can also choose to register voluntarily if the income earned in the past twelve month period exceeds R50 000.

And while you probably know this, you may not know how long you have to wait for a Vat number.

Not many Vat vendors know about this and they end up getting frustrated with the Vat registration process when they don't get their Vat number during the time they thought they'd get it.

But you can avoid this frustration if you know the facts.

Read on to find out the waiting period for a Vat Number so you can start early when registering for Vat.

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The waiting period for a Vat number is as follows

Experts behind the Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service say generally, the waiting period for a Vat number is about 21 business days.

So, if you want to register for Vat, start early!

You must be proactive and apply for Vat registration well in advance.

This way, you won't experience any delays and before you know it, you'll be claiming input tax back on your Vat returns.

Here's a useful tip when it comes to Vat registration

If you've applied for registration and need your Vat registration number urgently, nag SARS.
If you don't, it'll just get lost in the pile!

The bottom line: Getting a Vat number takes time. So register early to avoid lots of frustration, especially now that you know the waiting period.

We recommend you check out the Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service for more information on Vat registration.

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How long do I have to wait for a Vat Number?
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