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Keep your Vat records or face these four consequences!

by , 06 September 2013
There are consequences of not keeping your Vat records. Find out what they are here...

Dear Reader,

Every Vat record you own is crucially important, so make sure you are accurately filing them away. If you can't show proof of any Vat record that SARS needs, then there are serious consequences! Find out what they are…

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The four consequences of not keeping your records
  • SARS will impose a fixed penalty on you (administrative non compliance penalty);
  • This amount is proportional to the amount of assessed loss;
  • The fixed amount will INCREASE monthly until you can fulfill SARS or remedy the situation; and
  • You'll be committing a criminal offence. If you are found guilty you'll have a fine or can go to jail for two years!

As you can see, keeping your records are very important. What is equally important is that your records reflect accurately.

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Three things to remember when you keep your records
  • They must be in their original form or in a manner authorised by SARS
  • Keep records for five years (hard copies and electronic copies); and
  • Keep records available and open for a SARS inspection

So remember these steps and you won't have a problem with your Vat records.

Until next time,

Shevona Ponnusamy
Managing Editor, Practical Vat Loose Leaf

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Keep your Vat records or face these four consequences!
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