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NEWS FLASH: New VAT amendment that affects you if you export goods

by , 20 April 2016
Dear reader,

If you sell goods, that are zero-rated, to a client who's in a Customs Controlled Area or an Industrial Development Zone (IDZ), there's a new VAT amendment that affects you and is effective 1 April 2016.

One of the old requirements was that if you consign the goods i.e. you pay a transporter (or 'cartage contractor') to transport the goods to these areas, you can ONLY zero rate if the Transporter's MAIN BUSINESS ACTIVITY is transport.

Read on for the new change...


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The new change is…
Section 11 of the VAT Act has changed. The Transporter's business activity MAY INCLUDE transport of goods. So now, you can use any company to transport goods to your clients in a Customs Controlled Area or an IDZ, as long as the activities of that company 'includes transport'.
Let's look at an example to break this down…
Waldo's Watch Warehouse, based in Midrand, sells watches to a client at Coega, which is in a Customs Controlled Area. Waldo applies the zero rate of VAT to the invoice and appoints 'Calvin's Carpets and Transporters' to transport the watches to Coega.
The VAT Implication:
Before 1 April 2016, Waldo wouldn't have been able to apply the zero rate of VAT as his transporter's business activities were both carpeting and transporting.
After 1 April 2016, Waldo can now apply the zero rate of VAT because Calvin's business activities include transport.
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NEWS FLASH: New VAT amendment that affects you if you export goods
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