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Nine tips to prepare for your Vat registration BEFORE you go to SARS

by , 01 September 2014
Well, it came - and went!

SARS and the SAIT announced with great pride to taxpayers everywhere that the new registration process will enable you, as the vendor, to register yourself, for Vat, PAYE and other taxes, via the eFiling forum.

As tax practitioners, we were so excited as this may have meant not sitting in the SARS queue the whole day and generally providing a better service to our clients.

But, as we've come to experience, this is not to be.

If you want to register for Vat, you still have to fill in the VAT101 form. Still take all the substantiating documents to SARS and still sit in the queue! And now, we're being told by our subscribers, that you need to be at SARS by 8am! And then write your name in a book (?) and wait for them to call you.

So, dear subscribers, please don't be excited about SARS' advertisements on the new registration process. Essentially nothing's changed. But, to try and prepare you for the worst, read these nine tips before you go to SARS for a new Vat number.

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One of the biggest problems with Vat registrations is not having the right supporting documents and not complying with SARS requirements. The registration process can take up to six months for some companies. 
Well it doesn't have to be a problem for you.
I have a solution to ensure you walk into a SARS office 100% prepared for your Vat registration.
Nine tips to prepare for your Vat registration BEFORE you go to SARS
  1. Take the day off – really, it can take that long, so don't plan anything else for that day;
  2. Take R5 for the parking guy;
  3. Take your iPad or tablet with to do your emails while you wait, or if you really have nothing to do, a book to read;
  4. The boss or the owner or the public officer themselves must go to SARS.  We know that the bookkeeper can go with the necessary Power of Attorney, but because the rules at SARS change from day to day and from office to office, rather avoid the frustration.  Of course, the bookkeeper can go with the boss.
  5. If the bookkeeper is going to be the person working with the taxes, then take them with you as well as the filled in Power of Attorney form, which you can get on the SARS website, as well as their ID and two certified copies thereof;
  6. Take original documents as far as you can – from day to day SARS offices change their rules – so take the original CRA01 AND the utility bill which the CRA01 refers to, original bank statements and letters from the bank, your ID book AND at least two certified copies of it, original invoices, contracts and financial statements. 
  7. SARS doesn't accept cash flow statements or projections.  So don't even waste your time drawing those up;
  8. Don't forget to make copies for yourself. Of everything. And let SARS stamp your copies.
  9. And finally, you may get lucky and be in and out there, with a vat number in ½ hour!  But don't count on it.
So, if you're one of the lucky ones, who's had on-line success with Vat registrations, please let us know, so we can let our other subscribers know how to do it!
Until next time

Dee Bezuidenhout
Independent Vat expert: The Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service

P.S. Don't let SARS drag its heals on your Vat registration. Use this eleven-step action plan to get your Vat number the same day!

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Nine tips to prepare for your Vat registration BEFORE you go to SARS
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