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SARS will pay you to attend the VAT Masterclass 2016

by , 09 March 2016
You might think it's impossible to get SARS to pay you to attend a workshop?

But yes, it's the truth and I'm delighted to share this little secret with you.

When you're attending our VAT Masterclass which includes fresh pastries for breakfast, an exquisite buffet lunch as well as afternoon snacks - you can claim the VAT back from SARS because you're attending a seminar that's actually work-related.

How do you do this?

How to book your seat and get money back from SARS

It's simple:

Click on this link.

Choose which VAT Masterclass you want to attend (if you're in Gauteng, it's always nice to beg your boss to go to the Durban one).

Arrange for the payment, and we'll issue a tax invoice to you!  

This tax invoice is dated the same date you make your payment, so even if the course is later on during the year, you can claim the VAT back in your next VAT return as normal input tax in block 15

It's as easy as that!

So don't dally around. Book your place for a Masterclass this year and don't forget about our Early Bird Offer where you can save an additional R1 000! We look forward to meeting you!

5 Reasons why you should attend our VAT Masterclass:

1. Refresh your VAT knowledge;

2. Be up to date on the latest changes (there's 94 changes from last year alone)! Not only to VAT Law, but also with SARS' admin e.g the Tax Admin Bill;

3. Put to rest those nagging VAT doubts you might have. And in the process save your company some money - from missed input tax claims to SARS penalties you could've avoided!

4. Get new insight into VAT issues other businesses are facing (and that you may never have thought of);

5. Get practical, actionable advice from an insider!

Well there you have it, now there's no excuse not to come.

For more information on the VAT Masterclass, simply click here…

See you  at the VAT Masterclass in Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Dee Bezuidenhout
VAT Masterclass Facilitator

P.S. Got 3 or more delegates? Take advantage of the group discount when you book. Email seminars@fsp.co.za to enquire.

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SARS will pay you to attend the VAT Masterclass 2016
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