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That dreaded SARS Vat pop up letter...

by , 16 February 2015
I'm sure you submit your Vat return at the end of your tax period via eFiling.

Picture this...

You hit send. And immediately get a letter from SARS in your Inbox and on your eFiling profile. It's that dreaded SARS pop up letter!

Have you received this letter before?

Have you received that dreaded SARS pop up letter?
Most vendors call this letter the 'SARS pop up letter'. That's because it pops up as soon as you submit your Vat return.
But it's actually the Review of VAT201 Declaration. SARS wants to verify the Vat declaration you just submitted. And it doesn't matter if you got it before, you'll probably get it again in the next tax period too!
Without anyone reviewing your return, SARS sends the Review of VAT201 Declaration. Out of fear, many Vat vendors, don't even read the letter, they just rush to upload all their documents hoping they'll be in the clear.
But what they don't know is they just gave SARS permission to grab money from their business bank account… Read on to find out how to avoid this…
What you can do if you receive the SARS pop up letter
Don't just upload your documents in response to that letter. Or you'll give SARS unnecessary reason to reverse your input tax deductions, assess you and help itself to your hard earned money directly from your bank account. After all SARS has targets it needs to meet!
So next time you receive this letter:
1.       Read the letter carefully;
2.       Only give SARS what it's asked for… don't give it anything extra; and
3.       Make sure SARS gives you a letter of its findings before it assesses you.
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That dreaded SARS Vat pop up letter...
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