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The five forbidden items you can't claim input tax on

by , 25 August 2016
The five forbidden items you can't claim input tax onThe VAT law lets you claim input tax on the supplies you need to buy in order to run your business. But you can't claim input tax on everything.

There are five forbidden items you can't claim on. And if you do, SARS will not only reverse your input tax deductions. They'll also slap you with a 200% penalty, plus interest and fines. And they'll conduct a VAT audit on your business that could go as far back as five years into your records.

But I don't want you to get in that situation. Here are five forbidden items you must never try and claim input tax on.

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Never try claim input tax on these five items

1.Car purchase

If you don't run a car dealership or operate a car rental enterprise, you can't claim an input tax deduction when buying a car. This goes for car rental too.

You can't claim input tax deductions on entertainment. This includes refreshments for your staff such as coffee, tea, cookies, boardroom lunches, customer entertainment, year-end parties and other functions.
3.Any supplies you can't substantiate with a tax invoice  

Don't claim the VAT on any supply that's worth more than R50 that you can't substantiate with a valid tax invoice. Here's what a valid tax invoice should have on it.
Read on for two more items you can't claim input tax on…
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Never try claim input tax on these five items continued…

You can't claim input tax on renting a place as a private home. This is also if you buy the property as a residential property.
5.Transport by road and rail 

You can't claim VAT back on local public road or rail transport. They're exempt supplies.
To top it off there are six other items SARS forbids. We cover these in the Practical VAT Loose Leaf Service. Don't have your copy yet? Click here and take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee.

Be 100% sure about every input tax claim you submit!

Most VAT vendors make one of two big mistakes when claiming their input tax.

They either:

1.       Don't know about certain input tax deductions which SARS allows, and then lose out on important cash flow savings for the business; or

2.       Claim when they shouldn't and face SARS penalties and assessments!
Don't make the same mistake. Here's the only tool you need to be 100% sure about all your input tax claims

P.S. Did you know you can claim input tax on flowers you send to your sick staff? It's true! Make sure you claim all your input tax and put money back into your business. We discuss how you can take advantage of every input tax deduction available at the VAT Masterclass.

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The five forbidden items you can't claim input tax on
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