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The fringe benefits you didn't know about: Part 5 - The right of use of an asset

by , 11 December 2014
Rewarding your employees in any way or form has Vat implications for you. Make sure you deal with this correctly.

Letting your staff use your company assets is defined by Vat law as a fringe benefit!

It's a perk you give your employee for the performance of services.

Read on to find out what this fringe benefit is and how to declare Vat on it correctly.

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What is the right of use of an asset?
SARS says once you give your employee the right of use of any asset for private or domestic use, its a taxable benefit.  This is any asset your company owns that you let your employee use!
And it includes assets you give your employee for free or for an amount less than the value of the use. But this excludes residential accommodation or any motor vehicle.
A common example of this fringe benefit is a company laptop!
Read on to see how to calculate Vat on this fringe benefit.
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How to declare Vat on the right of use of an asset
Simply, take the amount the fringe benefit cost you and multiply it by the tax fraction 14 /114. This will show you what amount of output tax you owe SARS.
Let's say Company Q purchases a caravan and allows Mr J and his family to use it to go on holiday for 10 days. Mr J pays R50 a day to rent the caravan from company Q which amounts to R500.
Company Q has to pay Vat on this R500 by applying the tax fraction to it.
This is R500 x 14/114 = R61.40.
So Company Q must pay R61.40 output tax.
That's all for this week!
Look out for my email next week where I'm talking about fringe benefit number six - medical costs for your employee that you incur.

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The fringe benefits you didn't know about: Part 5 - The right of use of an asset
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