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The infamous Vat pop up letter: SARS' licence to grab money out of your company's bank account!

by , 28 July 2015
Businesses all over the country are in uproar about the vulnerability of their bank accounts.


Because they say SARS is robbing them of their hard-earned money. Right out of their bank accounts and into its pockets with no warning.

The reason?

They ignored the Vat pop-up letter that appeared immediately after they submitted their Vat returns.

Have you seen this letter?

Have you been in the same situation?

You go online to check your bank balance and lo and behold, a large chunk of your funds is missing.
Who's taken it?


You call the people at your bank in a fit of rage who say it has no involvement in the money leaving your account.

And then you call SARS.

SARS explains to you that despite giving you 21 days to comply with their assessment of your Vat returns, you haven't paid your dues.

You suddenly think: 'Assessment? What assessment? What was wrong with my Vat return? When was I given 21 days?'

Sound familiar?

SARS tells you it sent a letter asking you to review your figures and submit any corrections to it.

And then it hits you…

You remember seeing a letter pop up on your screen almost immediately after you eFiled your returns, but you paid no attention.

You just didn't think it was possible that SARS could've reviewed your returns that quickly after you submitted them, so you dismissed it altogether.

But it turns out that one letter was the start to all your problems… Problems you could have addressed very easily.

And that's why I'm writing to you today.

I have a tool that will ensure YOU don't find yourself in that same situation.

A tool that ensures you know exactly what to do when that dreaded SARS Review VAT201 Declaration pops up in your Inbox. And how to do it…

Click here

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The infamous Vat pop up letter: SARS' licence to grab money out of your company's bank account!
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