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Three easy ways to check your Vat payments on eFiling

by , 17 March 2014
In November 2011, SARS introduced a number of new payment functions for eFiling Vat vendors. While these functions have been around for a couple of years, many Vat vendors are still unaware of them. Continue reading to find out about the three easy ways to check your payments on eFiling.

There are three payment functions to help simplify eFiling.

The Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service says that when it comes to your Vat payments on eFiling, you can now:

  1. Find a payment listing easily;
  2. Handle any unallocated payments; and
  3. Fix existing payment allocations.

Let's take a closer look at each of these functions.


Every year, SARS rejects 90% of all Vat Registrations.

Don't become a statistic.


Use these three methods to check your payments on eFiling

#1: Payment function: Payment listing
What the function does: This function allows you to view all payments you've made since the new Vat return form was introduced.
Why you need it: If you have any unallocated payments, you can use this option to list all these payments together (no more paging through loads of paper work). It'll also show you how to resolve the unallocated payment portion.

#2: Payment function: Pay unallocated payments
What the function does: This function helps you pay an unallocated payment
Why you need it: If your Vat return declaration is unpaid, you can handle unallocated payments better.

#3: Payment function: Fix existing payments faster
What the function does:
With this function, you'll be able to amend an existing payment allocation and request multiple reallocations at any time.
Why you need it: It's a time saver and you'll avoid long queues at SARS.

Just keep in mind that while this function allows you to request changes with the click of your mouse, these won't take place instantly. The reason is SARS must first check your request against its records and agree to your reallocation request.

There you have it. eFiling was introduced to make your life easier when paying Vat. So take advantage of these three payment functions.

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Three easy ways to check your Vat payments on eFiling
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