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Use these three tips to get your refund quickly and easily from SARS

by , 13 January 2015
You've started working out your Vat return and you can see SARS is probably going to give you a Vat refund.

You're now excited because you know getting a Vat refund means you'll have some extra money coming your way to boost your company's cash flow.

So how can you make sure SARS gives you your refund quickly?

Use these three tips...

Three tips to get your Vat refunds quickly and easily from SARS

1. Use eFiling to submit your return
Some of the delays happen because vendors submit their Vat returns manually. SARS takes up to 14 days to capture manual returns.
To avoid delays, use eFiling so SARS can capture your return immediately, says The Vat Refund Accelerator.
In addition, don't wait until the 25th of the month to claim the refund SARS owes you. Claim as soon as you can after the end of your tax period.
2. Always double check your return to make sure there aren't any mistakes
This simple check will save you from delays.
If SARS finds mistakes on your return, it will delay your refund and you'll have endless headaches trying to rectify it.
In fact, The Vat Refund Accelerator says this also means the 21 days in which SARS has to make the refund won't start running and you won't get any interest.
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3. Make sure the company bank details SARS has are correct
If they aren't, your refund will bounce and sit with SARS until you give it proof or your correct bank details. This process can take up to a year!
On top of making sure your bank details are correct, make sure SARS has accurate contact details. This includes your email address and phone number. This will make it easier for it to get in touch with you about your refund.

What happens if you use these tips and you experience delays when it comes to your Vat refund?

If all your taxes are up to date and you've used these tips but still don't receive your Vat refund within 21 business days of lodging your return, follow up with your local SARS office. Alternatively, go to the 'refund dashboard' link on your eFiling profile. This will tell you where in the process your refund is. If you find SARS is the one causing the delay, you can demand interest from it.
There you have it: Use these tips to get your Vat refund quickly and easily from SARS.
PS: For more tips and more information on Vat refunds and how to speed them up, check out The Vat Refund Accelerator.

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Use these three tips to get your refund quickly and easily from SARS
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