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Vat Masterclass coming to JHB, DBN and CT - here's whats in store for you

by , 07 April 2015
Did you know you have five years to claim back your input tax?
It's true. And it also applies if you started your business years before you registered for Vat. You can back-claim the Vat you expended, before you were Vat registered - as long as it falls within a five year period!

Well join me, Dee Bezuidenhout at the Vat Masterclass 2015 in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and learn all about input tax savings you could be missing out on and how to meet all your Vat obligations.

Here's whats in store for you at the Vat Masterclass

I've looked at your comments and questions on our accounting and tax site, seen what your main Vat concerns are, and have reconfigured the notes to address many of the nagging issues you have with SARS.

I'll be covering topics like registrations, zero rates, exemptions and deemed supplies that are most relevant in business today. I'll show you how to treat Vat when it comes to property transactions, non-profit organisations and 'strange' Vat applications, such as adjustments.  Plus I'll also address that controversial topic of if Vat is applicable when it comes to the on-charging or recovery of costs!

And if its tips you're after, its tips you'll get!

I'm inviting you to bring:

  • Any documents you're not sure will qualify as a tax invoice so I can confirm if they will or not, before SARS slaps you with it's 200% penalties; and
  • All your nagging Vat questions, which I'll answer in the Q & A session!

But that's not all. Brand new at the Vat Masterclass in 2015: We'll do a mock Vat audit! Read on to find out how this can save your company millions!

**********Recommended for you**********

SA's Vat author reveals his secret to dealing with Vat issues in your workplace

This resource is designed specifically for accountants, bookkeepers and business owners who don't have the time to translate increasingly complex Vat legislation – and who don't want to have to pay someone else to make sense of it for them.

Its detailed coverage of specific Vat areas and processes means you can choose the exact information you need and be able to make sense of your company's Vat obligations, no matter what your level of financial expertise.

The resource I'm referring to is The Practical Vat Loose Leaf Service.

And here's how it works…

Know what to expect from SARS at the mock Vat audit

I'll give you the transactions and documents. We'll complete the Vat return and evaluate the results. Just as a SARS auditor would. You'll see what mistakes you can make that trigger a Vat audit costing you millions. Plus I'll show you how to keep an eye on SARS at the audit. And lots more... 

Best of all, the Vat Masterclass is in three major cities - Jo'burg, Cape Town and Durbs. 

So don't delay! Book your seat here and get on top of your Vat now! 
Here are the seminar dates:
  • 14 & 15 May AND  14 & 15 October, Johannesburg
  • 3 & 4 June, Cape Town
  • 19 & 20 August, Durban
I look forward to meeting you at this year's Vat Masterclass.

P.S. You only have a few days left to take advantage of the early bird price. Book and pay today and save R1 000! Simply follow this link to secure your seat.

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Vat Masterclass coming to JHB, DBN and CT - here's whats in store for you
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