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Your electronic tax invoice must meet these five requirements or SARS will reject it

by , 16 October 2014
SARS is very particular when it comes to tax invoices. After all, this is the information it uses to verify your input tax claim. If they don't meet its standards, it must reject them in case the information is compromised.

So what does SARS say when it comes to electronic tax invoices?

While it will accept these, they do have to fulfill certain requirements.

If your electrical tax invoice doesn't meet these, SARS will reject it...

There are five requirements SARS has when it comes to electronic tax invoices

1. You, as the recipients of the supply, must agree in writing to say you're willing to accept electronic documents. You and your supplier must keep this agreement for five years.

2. The electronic tax invoices must contain the mandatory information (i.e. the usual requirements of the words tax invoice, Vat numbers, etc, must be met).
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3. Your supplier must transmit the tax invoices in encrypted form of at least 128 bit encryption. This means the documents are secure and guarded against fraud because it won't be possible for unscrupulous parties to interfere or tamper with them in any way.
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4. You and your supplier must keep copies of these electronic documents and invoices for five years.
5. The electronic document will serve as the original tax invoice. If you print it out, it must have the words 'computer generated copy tax invoice' on it. Your supplier can't give you any other tax invoice for that transaction.
If your electronic tax invoice doesn't meet these five requirements, SARS won't accept it, so ensure it does before you submit your input tax claim.
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Your electronic tax invoice must meet these five requirements or SARS will reject it
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