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10 tips to ensure your company drivers are safe on the roads

by , 12 August 2013
If you have employees who drive company cars for business purposes you need to ensure they drive safely on the roads. Your health and safety responsibilities include this. So make sure your drivers are aware of these 10 safe driving tips so they can avoid accidents.

South Africa has one of the highest motor vehicle accident (MVA) rates in the world. Nearly 6,000 people die on our roads every year, warns the Health&Safety Advisor.

But your company drivers can avoid being a part of this statistic. Simply teach them how to identify poor driving habits and instruct them to obey traffic laws.

Tell your company drivers to do the following to stay safe in the road:

  1. Not allow any distractions like cellphone calls while driving
  2. Avoid highway hypnosis (that groggy, hum-drum feeling you get on long, straight, flat roads)
  3. Be careful about maintaining control and traction
  4. Keep their speed prudent for the conditions(for example rainy conditions)
  5. Make sure their tyres and brakes are in good condition and are properly maintained.
  6. Ensure they're up to the task of driving and aren't tired
  7. Get enough rest, especially after successive days of long-driving-hours
  8. Stay focused on the responsibility of driving
  9. Not consume alcohol before or whilst driving
  10. Be careful of over-the-counter and prescription drugs. They're just as dangerous as alcohol because they can impair your driving abilities.

While it's impossible to completely avoid road accidents, your drivers can reduce their risk of meeting an accident if they use these tips.

Turn to chapter R10 of your Health and Safety Advisor to get seven essential driving tips from a defensive driving instructor.


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10 tips to ensure your company drivers are safe on the roads
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